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Piers Lane - piano


Sunday, February 9th 2025 @ 7.30 pm

A memorial concert for

Gwenneth Pryor (Stone)


Chopin - Complete Nocturnes 


Tonight's concert will certainly be a fitting tribute to pianist Gwenneth Pryor, who was both a frequent performer at Mill Hill Music Club, and regular attendee at our concerts. It will, without doubt, be a wonderful evening.

Piers Lane, dear friend and compatriot of Gwenneth, is Australia’s most celebrated concert pianist and lives in London. A Chopin player of the highest order, he is internationally acclaimed for his brilliant and insightful performances.

The twenty-one Nocturnes of Chopin are regarded as some of the finest and most elegant works ever written for piano. They cover a wide expressive range, from dreamy lyricism to ardent passion, from moments of tender intimacy to explosions of intense energy.


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